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The Basic Occupational Training Center (B.O.T.) is a behavior modification day program. Consumers are referred to our program by one of twenty-one regional centers who represent the State of California and are responsible for acquiring needed services. The B.O.T. is a person-centered program that provides support, supervision and personal advancement; especially in regards to their behaviors. The program accepts consumer whose behavior's have far ranges of seriousness to merely not adjusting socially to an acceptable level.

We strongly believe that the program must adjust to the consumer's needs rather than the reverse. Consequently, each consumer has person-centered planning so that the consumer is happy, comfortable and has a willingness to work on their objectives.

We believe we must build the consumer's self-confidence, self-esteem and have them take responsibility in their advancements. The consumer must participate and stay committed and then the rewards are earned and have a much better impact which is more lasting.